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Whether your setup is just a small and simple Sari-sari store (sari-sari means "variety," a neighborhood convenience store found here in the Philippines) right across the street, a bazaar in a good decent location or you just sell from home, we got you covered here at YomGee. Our concept of an online booth for all of your products and/or services would give your a feel like you're still selling from an actual store only this time in a form of a website.

YomGee Online Booth

Inspired by the top social networking sites that exists today, some tools in a YomGee Booth beta may look familiar to you right away. The main reason for that is to make sure you won't feel different totally when you use this website to post your ads. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible as this website serve its purpose, and that is to serve as your virtual Sari-sari store, or online bazaar, whatever you call it. Right now we may have just the basic tools for you to have all your products and services visible online, but in a few months time more and more tools will be added for your convenience.

To further help us in enhancing these upcoming tools we have set up a separate forum page that will take care of any of your inputs. So, if there is any feature or web app that you think would be useful here just let us know so we can put it in.

We're not trying to compete out there with other players when it comes to online advertising, nor we wanted to top them or replace them. All we know is we have this tool right here and we wanted you to try it along with the other tools out there, and hopefully this website here gives you not just online visibility but also results. Thank you.

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